Hi, I’m Valentine !

I’m a french freelance designer, fascinated by my job, the art, architecture, decoration, trips… I draw, sculpt, tinker non-stop, write lines of codes, garden, play the piano, sing, take photos etc. etc. A kind of insatiable creative mind !

After obtaining my high school diploma, I chose to pursue my studies by integrating the Ecole du Louvre, a higher institution in the history of art and civilization. I also attended two specializations in the history of architecture and cinema. Having always loved drawing, I decided, after two years of theoretical courses, to redirect myself to the applied arts, more in line with my personality and my professional desires. I joined the undergraduate courses of the ESAG Penninghen in Paris, where I was able to continue to acquire an artistic culture but where I mainly learned to develop techniques of various expressions.

It is at the Ecole de Condé that I finally learn the profession of designer and interior designer. After obtaining my diploma, I decided to embark on a professional career as a freelancer. Ambitious choice, you will say, and very consuming but what I like my job! To follow a project from the beginnings to the finalization, to be at the initiative, to detect the tastes and the personality of a client, to know to retranscribe everything, to succeed in selling the project of another, all these elements excite me every day.



Find me on my Contact page and I will be delighted to accompany you in this adventure !

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Ps: Oh ! Her ? That’s Mousse, my little buddy with four legs ! She follows me everywhere, even when i’m traveling, you will surely have the time to meet her during an appointment!